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I'm Jennifer, Jenny, and/or Jen. Please leave your shoes at the door...unless they're the orgasm inducing kind of adorable. Then you can leave them on. ; )

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24, accents, acting, all kinds of music, arctic monkeys, art, barbados, baseball, battlestar galactica, being a jap, blaise zabini, blaise/hermione, books, bowls, boys, brokeback mountain, brown nail polish, byron, caffeine, camping, candles, cats, cell phones, charlie/neil, charlie/todd, chocolate, classic literature, coach, coffee, colin firth, cran-apple juice, cruises, culture, daddy winchester, dancing in my underwear, dead poets society, dean winchester, dean/sam, doing chocolate, draco malfoy, draco/ginny, draco/harry, drawing with charcoal, erasers, europe, evil people, flip flops, fluffy things, flying, fondue, french, french accents, good grammar, harry potter, harry potter fanfiction, hebrew, hilton head, history, homoeroticism, hot chocolate, house/wilson, humor, israel, james blunt, james potter, jamie bamber, jane austen, japs, jared padalecki, jeans, jensen ackles, jokes, kara thrace, kiefer sutherland, latkes, learning languages, lemon cake, libraries, living abroad, lolipops, love-hate relationships, matzo balls, maurading, money, my dogs, my school, neil simon, neil/todd, old smelly books, oscar wilde, paper pickle cards, parties, peter/sock, pirates, playing pranks, poetry, potatoes, practical jokes, pranks, presents, reading, red hot chili peppers, remus/sirius, rent, road trips, robert sean leonard, sam winchester, shakespeare, shelley, shiny things, shocking people, shoebox project, showers, sirius black, skinnydipping, slash, sleeping, smart people, smores, socks, starbucks, summer, superman, supernatural, sweatshirts, swimming, talking, teh gay secks, tennis, the american president, the beach, the beatles, the fray, the mauraders, the renaissance, the simple life, theatre, tomatoes, traveling, veronica mars, victorias secret, watching movies, wincest, wizard of oz, writing, yearbooks, yeats, your mother, zionism